About Us

CGE LogoCowan Group Engineering (CGE) is on a mission to serve the state of Oklahoma in the most efficient and professional way possible. With communication, integrity, optimism, knowledge, service and growth at its core, CGE has built a reliable, hard-working team of engineers to serve you with your engineering needs. What started as a 3-person engineering company on April 1, 2012, has now grown into over 30 employees, each with Oklahoma-specific experience in civil engineering, water and wastewater,  transportation, land planning, land survey and construction management.

Our diverse, local expertise means that we know the right questions to ask and how to communicate the answers effectively. CGE's project management style balances sustainability and efficiency through organized projects in a timely manner, ensuring that it is cost-efficient and provides long-term quality for you.

The CGE team has a strong sense of resolve, but understands the advantages of delegating to competent staff and working together. We have excellent communication and highly-developed management skills with strong organizational abilities. We pledge to communicate well with you in a way that balances technical issues and good common sense. Together, the CGE team brings a 'can-do' attitude, diverse local experience, candid listening, expert knowledge and key relationships within the industry.

Jeff's Story

Jeff Cowan, CEO & PrincipalMr, Jeff Cowan, P.E. is the CEO and Principal of Cowan Group Engineering, LLC. As a young college student, Jeff knew that one day he wanted to open an engineering firm of his own. After many years of serving the State of Oklahoma in various roles and positions in the engineering industry, Mr. Cowan decided to turn the dream in his heart into a reality. 

Today Mr. Cowan has over 30 years of experience involving the project management of all types of civil engineering projects.  He has managed private, federal, state, and local government projects throughout Oklahoma.  His primary technical experience is design and construction management, but he has spent extensive time in private development, understanding the process between both municipalities and developers.  He has managed and led numerous project teams and performed design for countless transportation, land development, water, and wastewater improvement projects.