City of Mustang Takes Action for Water for 2060 Initiative

Cowan Group Engineering (CGE) would like to recognize the City of Mustang (City) for their proactive approach and initiative to do their part in reaching the Governor's Water for 2060 goals.  The intent of the Governor's Water for 2060 legislation is for communities in Oklahoma to use the same amount of water in 2060 as was used in 2010.  Recently, the City awarded a contract for the Phase II C&D Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements project which includes water reuse to offset the use of drinking water for the City's irrigation facilities.   The new facility will be capable of offsetting up to 30 million gallons of drinking water annually.  CGE commends the City of Mustang for their initiative in being the first Oklahoma municipality to be permitted for Category 2 Water Reuse through the Department of Environmental Quality.

More information about Water for 2060 can be obtained at Interested in finding out how your community can take steps to conserve water or be a part of the Water for 2060 initiative: Please contact Michael Taylor, PE at Cowan Group Engineering at