Looking to better understand your water system? Want to connect with water professionals in the State? Then mark your calendar for May 14th - 16th and plan on attending the APWAOK / OWEA Annual Conference and Trade Show, being held at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel and Convention Center (6808 S. 107th East Avenue, Tulsa, OK  74133). 

Two of Cowan Group's project managers, Sean Fairbairn, PE, CFM, and Michael Taylor, PE, will be giving a presentation entitled Hydraulic Analysis with Case Studies: on Tuesday, May 15th at 4:30 p.m.  Hydraulic water modeling can help municipalities identify which water transmission lines need replacement due to age, excessive line breaks and/or excessive leakage within their system, and essentially help a municipality plan necessary projects in the years to come based on urgency, cost, and other factors.  The modeling can also locate customer metering inaccuracies which result in unbilled and lost revenue for the municipality each year.  This also translates into water loss that is undetected, which many municipalities find that the figures can be staggering.  Additional benefits are increased fire flow, increased water pressure, better water quality,  increased efficiency overall, and especially saving your municipality and community money.  With water being such a valuable resource, it is an investment in your city's future to have a complete hydraulic water model done to identify problem areas now.

If you are unable to attend the APWAOK / OWEA conference, but would like more information on how water modeling can benefit your community, please contact either Sean Fairbairn, PE, CFM, or Michael Taylor, PE, in our Oklahoma City office at 405.463.3369.