City of Broken Arrow, OK - Stoney Creek Inn & Conference Center

CGE was selected by Stoney Creek Hospitality in 2014 to provide planning, survey, and engineering for a new conference center site in Broken Arrow.  In partnership with the City of Broken Arrow's GO Bond and Vision 2025 funds, Stoney Creek Hospitality is developed the 15-acre site to build a 170-guest hotel and 40,000 square feet conference center.  CGE's Survey Team was responsible for the initial ALTA survey of the 15-acre tract including the topographical survey and survey control.  The site development included a substantial earth moving project with over 150,000 CY of earthwork and CGE completed monthly topographic surveys of the earthwork progress to determine quantities.  The final ALTA survey was completed by CGE for the multi-million-dollar transaction.  The project was completed in 2017.

Stoney Creek