City of Muskogee, OK - Capital Improvement Planning for Water

The City of Muskogee serves a population of approximately 39,000. In addition to serving the local residents, the City serves several water districts with a total population served of approximately 63,000 through over 2 million linear feet of water distribution lines.  The scope of services included the planning, investigation and development of a capital improvement planning report along with recommendations for the water distribution system.  For many years, the City had been experiencing excessive waterline breaks, water loss and low water pressure through out the distribution system.  CGE provided the evaluation of the 48-inch source water line from Fort Gibson Dam to water treatment plant, investigation of the chlorine dioxide feed system, plotted and mapped the concentration of waterline breaks in ArcView GIS along with determining the overall water loss in the City's distribution system.  The CGE Team worked closely with the City staff for billing information, distribution maps & operations, treatment operations and overall mapping information.     

The Capital Improvement Planning document (CIP) was produced by CGE to provide both a plan for strategic replacement of the distribution infrastructure over a short time period as well as provide a long-term planning tool for the City to update periodically. Although the City did not have a working water model, the CGE Team highly recommended the completion of a water model to include in the CIP.  The water model would provide validation for the CIP and system justification prior to funding any large capital improvement projects.