City of Mustang, OK - Water Reuse Facility

The City of Mustang is a thriving and growing community in the heart of Oklahoma. For many years, the City allocated a large portion of the annual budget to purchase additional water from a secondary source because their well field couldn't keep up with the strain from the City's growth.

In order to fulfill their needs and reduce the city budget, the City of Mustang became the first municipality in the State of Oklahoma to permit a Category II reuse system by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. The reuse project was part of an overall plant upgrade to increase treatment capacity. The reuse system will reduce the budget and give them the ability to augment the use of drinking water for irrigation facilities that also includes a tanker filling station so that the Category II reuse water can be sold to other entities.

Today, very few municipal dischargers are reclaiming and reusing water in the State of Oklahoma, and the City of Mustang is leading the way as an example to other municipalities for innovative reuse projects.

City of Mustang Water Reuse Facility